Firm History

Architura began a tradition of design-focused architecture when founded in 2000. Architect principals Michael Conly and Charles Kotterman have more than 65 years of combined commercial and institutional professional architectural experience and are aided by an accomplished team of registered architects and design staff.

Architura is a corporate, institutional, commercial and human services architectural practice. Expertise is provided in historic, religious, educational, industrial and health care facilities. We utilize the most current, customized electronic technology to implement design, communications, contractual and legal documents. We focus on architecture and rely on the special skills of our established civil, structural, environmental, mechanical and electrical engineers to serve as our consultants on a regular basis.

Our mission is to provide design excellence and quality products with an emphasis on personal services delivered with integrity, knowledge and skill.

Our office and studio are located in the 1929 Circle Tower Building overlooking beautiful Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our firm is licensed to practice architecture in over 20 different states, including California, Florida, the east coast, and the midwest.


Featured Blog

Building Construction Administration and Structural Building Design at Villas in Columbus!

Visit the Villas in Columbus today, located in Columbus, Indiana, and youíll see a beautiful retirement community thatís built in a stylish and modern design. And youíd probably never guess that before Architura was hired for the building construction administration, that this site was once home to low-income housing apartments that were in bad need of repair, or demolition.

Demolition was required and a complete overhaul of the structural building design was needed to accommodate the 16 new and renovated apartment units that the structure now holds.