Architectural Design

Architura believes that good design is the result of careful attention to all phases of project development from initial concepts through construction.

Architura applies the qualities of good architectural design developed in the working atmosphere of interactive meetings with the client team and our consultants.

Throughout the design phases, cost estimates will be prepared using industry wide estimating procedures as well as providing frequent meetings and construction scheduling options to help guide contractors and owners through the course of the construction in as smooth a manner as possible.

Other team members will be identified at the start of later design phases. Meetings will be conducted and notes prepared at a regular schedule throughout the entire design process.

  • Architectural Design
  • Historic Design
  • Master planning
  • Structural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Environmental Testing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Design
  • Mechanical & Electrical design & Testing

Featured Blog

Building Construction Administration and Structural Building Design at Villas in Columbus!

Visit the Villas in Columbus today, located in Columbus, Indiana, and you’ll see a beautiful retirement community that’s built in a stylish and modern design. And you’d probably never guess that before Architura was hired for the building construction administration, that this site was once home to low-income housing apartments that were in bad need of repair, or demolition.

Demolition was required and a complete overhaul of the structural building design was needed to accommodate the 16 new and renovated apartment units that the structure now holds.